Pinterest and Branding

I can hear it already..What another Social Media tool that I need to spend (waste) time on? What the heck is this Pinterest that everyone is so obsessed with?

Kari improving Photohop skills #1

Pinterest is a virtual pin board.  You install pin on your desktop, and when you see something cool, you can “Pin” it.  There are lots of different people that you can follow that have inspirational “Boards” you can follow- At this point, it skews towards women interested in fashion, furniture, or food.  I’d imagine this will continue to diversify.  The biggest plus,  is inspirational and can help you to create content (as a blogger, for Facebook post) as well as to discover new things. And we all know the latest buzzword for SEO is  ”Create Original Content!

Also, it is a great way to convey the visual essence of a brand, thru images that you curate and post

It is easy to understand how this may be applicable to a business selling a product or lifestyle  But what about a brand that is more of a service type? Perhaps you are a yoga teacher and you are interested in finding out your students favorite poses.  Ask you followers in Pinterest and they may post them.  ”Repin” them and then you have the answer.  Also, you now have a fantastic Facebook post/ blog post.

Here is a great quote from the Owner of the Roxy: “The web is going through this transition from people using it for search to using it for discovery. It’s a very visual place. I go on Pinterest without anything in mind, I’m just looking and discovering in this different mode. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Though we are all accustomed to sharing, now we are starting to become curators.”

There are so many Social Media tools out there, as a business owner it is hard to know what is worth your time.  This is good for you, if it is fun for you.

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